SlothCam: Donate


When we adopted Zo, we knew that she has expensive tastes! We're happy to give her everything she needs (and then some!), but that doesn't stop her Internet friends from wanting to spoil her even more. Though SlothCam will always be free to view, you're welcome to contribute by sending Zo a present from the wishlist below. If you do so generously choose to give a gift, we'll make sure Zo uses her manners and sends you a thank you note!

All donations to SlothCam will be used to pamper Zo the Sloth and to offset operating costs for SlothCam. Unfortunately, gifts and donations to Zo the Sloth and SlothCam are not tax deductible.

Donate $5  $5 buys Zo a tasty salad! Who knew sloths were so health conscious? This donation will buy Zo a nice big bag of organic spring mix!

Donate $10  $10 gives Zo a snuggle! Sloths love snuggling soft things! This donation will go towards cuddly blankets and big fluffy towels.

Donate $15  $15 adopts Zo for a day! Virtually adopt, that is! This donation will pay for one day of Zo's normal living expenses.

Donate $20  $20 helps Zo redecorate! Because bamboo poles are so last season! This donation will help Zo's caregivers improve and expand her habitat.

Donate $25  $25 will send Zo on a playdate! "We all want somebody to love..." Soths are no exception! This donation will help ensure that Zo's best (stuffed!) buddies stay in tiptop condition.

Donate $50  $50 will pay for Zo's monthly spa visit! Living life in the slow lane can be messy business! This donation helps keep Zo (and her habitat) squeaky clean.

Such sloth. Many donate. Wow!